Friday, March 22, 2013 snowed last night here on Cape Cod...but today the sun is shining!

This is what I saw when I opened up my peepers this morn.  However sticking to my last's golly!!

I will be glad this day.  I am grateful for the first breath I took to start this day.  I am also grateful for some wonderful news.  A friend asked for prayer for her adult niece...who the Dr.'s were 99.9% sure she had cancer.  Much prayer went up for this young lady....thru the internet and church bodies.....  Well I found out last evening...there was NO CANCER TO BE FOUND.  The Dr.'s are baffled.  I am giving God the glory!  Thank you Jesus.
I do not know this young lady or her parents...but I know her auntie....and I am rejoicing with them on this day for wonderful news, and the answer to prayer, and thanking a loving Lord.

I received these daffodils yesterday, actually at my Dr's office from the sweet was that right?  They were a thing of beauty to see this morn.

May everyone have a wonderful find something...cause there is always something to be thankful for....big or small.....we are blessed people.

Nest in His peace...................Karen


Karen said...

That is wonderful news!!!....

...and I'm tired of the cold weather, but you are right, we should be thankful for each day -

Karen said...

Thank you Karen for leaving a comment...have a wonderful weekend.