Thursday, May 30, 2013

A life too short, but God is in charge.

Our hearts are heavy.  Lost a dear friend yesterday at 4pm.  He found out he had stage 4 cancer last February....we went thru the last four months with him and his family with chemo and radiation.....and saw him failing.  We prayed for a healing we know the Lord can...He has....but the Lord took our friend home.  We know where he is....he knew where he was going being a strong believer, and accepting Christ as his's still sad.  Our precious friend leaves a wife and three children behind.  He was only 50...just turned 50.  We will miss you dear friend.  We will miss you calling...with your silly jokes...your laugh.  We know your grieving family will miss you.  We will visit them...and take your son fishing.  We will see you again.....we will all be free from these

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Wednesday....after Memorial Day Weekend.

I saw this on FB this weekend, and had to post it on my blog.  This picture is beyond words.....just no words at all.  My heart just felt...pain....sadness.....humbleness.....I don't know this precious person who died or the one who is mourning for them....but the Lord does...may He comfort her soul.

On a different subject for this Wednesday...after Memorial Day....I went to W.W. down 2.4lbs.  Very happy slow and steady..that is good I will take it. 

Just a really cool vintage...very vintage scale.

Nest in Peace friends...............Karen

Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Memorial Day.

We thank all in our armed forces....thank you to our Louie.  Thank you Lord.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A little change. & Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

I don't normally take pics of's just a lil journey I am going thru at this stage of my life.  Joining Weight Watchers (down almost 1lb this week) total of just about 5lbs. since I joined 2 weeks ago.

When we are young...we take so much for granted...oh youth where did you go?  I don't go there too much but sometimes when we look in the mirror we don't recognize that person staring back at us ....but it's all's suppose to be this way.  Honestly, I just want to be "proactive" with being as healthy as I can...get in reasonable shape...take care of me.... be the best Karen I can I can be a blessing to my

My friend of 22 years, has always cut my hair love how she creates....this pic does not due this pixie cut justice....I love it.  I wore the "pixie" in the 60's when I was 6years old maybe you did as well. :)....had short hair in my late 30's grew it out some.....wanted to go short again.  My hair is's not gorgeous full thick hair...(like my girls).  So I decided to cut my hair... and rock it short.

So it's the long Memorial Day weekend.  I am so thankful for our brave men and woman who have served this country for decades.  We have an amazing country, and we must keep our faith in God and pray for our America.  Thank you to my son who served in the Marines...he is out now.  Thank you soldiers...thank you, thank you.  Thank you military families!  I will be working on my yard this weekend....enjoying visiting friends....but my heart is remembering those who served (serving).. fought, died and pondering the real meaning of this weekend.

God bless our soldiers.  God bless America.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Littlest Bonitto is Home.

I am so thrilled, happy beyond words.  Our youngest came home this past weekend for the WHOLE SUMMER!!!  Normally our Kayla stays in Cali. where she is attending school but put her things in storage and came home to the Cape to work and be with her family.  This is Kayla when she was about 3yrs old with her bud Nathan.  They are still close buds.

 Here is Kay...Kayla....aka Bina...with her roommates in Cali.  These are awesome girls.  Some have come to Masssachusettes to spend time with us New first they are shocked...we are a different breed us folks from the North East....but then they settle right in.  Molly one of Kaylas buds is coming in August to be with us on Cape Cod.
Be well, Nest in Peace...................Karen

Oaklahoma Strong

Hello friends, it's Wednesday, and as we know it's been a week of horrific events in Oaklahoma.  I just can't imagine it.  Tornado's are such a fierce act of nature.  My heart and prayers go out to the people in our heart-land.  What can we do?  Yes pray, but what the authorities have said is to give to funds that have been set up.  Like FEMA...the the Red Cross and others.  Money is the best way to give for this current disaster in Ok.,  and let's not forget these folks in our prayers next week or a month later...their lives will be impacted by this disaster for a long time and for

My mothers day flowers still alive.

May you know His Peace this day.......Karen


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week One Down.....Just a little update.

Ok week one down with joing Weight Watchers.  I can't be a spokes person for the franchise but I can say I have joined them.  Wonderful news.  I am down 3.8 lbs.  Almost 4lbs.
 My neighbor and I joined together.  We are also walking together each day for 1.5 miles...sometimes more.  My neighbor did well too 6 lbs lost. 

We are making smart choices, and tracking what we eat.  It works ladies, and gentlemen.  It's simple discipline which I lack during this season of my life....but feel directed and focused.

I truely stand on this verse.  We can do all things through Christ.  Amen.    Have a great Thursday, and know you can do what it is you need to do.....

Nest in Peace..................Karen

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Craig's List Cool Stuff

I saw these pics on Craig's List.  These crate boxes were used at an out door Fall wedding.  Don't you just love the idea seen here. 

 This theme looks like something Junk Gypsy would do for a wedding setup, don't you agree?  Simple, country, yet kind of elegant.

The Craig's List seller was selling the boxes.  They also sold a wonderful idea!

Nest in Peace     Karen


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers Day...friends.

Our three blessings.

Our oldest and me when just moved to the Cape.
Our youngest with one of her besties.

Our son the Marine and his beautiful bride.

I am one blessed heart is full of joy&love thank you Lord for all my blessings.  My mom and my hubby's mom are in heaven, but  our lives are so rich for what they sowed into our life. May you all have a wonderful mother's day. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ok...I have a skeleton in my closet.

Well not really a skeleton...however I have been let's say quiet about's not really a "secret" cause it can't really be hidden...just not talked about unless it comes up....I have had this all my life, it's just a matter of fact "thing" with me.... and I am going to reveal it on my blog.  Ok here it is......"hello my name is Karen, I am 51years of age.....and I am a below the knee amputee"  Ok ....that wasn't so bad.  Admitting is always the first step.   We live now in a day and age... due to the war we have been in for the past 10-11 years, that being an amputee is more socially accepted than it ever was...meaning the stares and "sorry" looks are less.   I can deal and have delt with that my whole life....but it is really different now.  I mean no one even really wears the legs I do with the "rubber skin like material on the shell of the prosthesis"  Now it's just full....metal...terminator legs.&'s cool.  I still like the legs that look somewhat like a leg...:)

I had my leg amputated when I was 2yrs old due to a birth defect.  So I have always been an amputee.  I have had and still do have a full life.  A hubby of 30 years ...3 adult children...I've worked....and now I am a real estate agent.....ect. ect.  I do everything.

I am on a 51 I've put on the lbs that come with I have now a new prosthetic leg....and I am going for it folks....this mama wants to loose 40 lbs.....  get in shape.....feel good be healthy.....for those coming grandbabies, that my adult children are suppose to have. LOL

My neighbor and I have started walking averaging 1.5 miles a day trying at least 5 days a week.  Tomorrow....we start weight watches....I have done WW doing it again......I am pumped neighbor is pumped up.....

So here I go some before know the kind where one looks just horrible.....I did the after pics will look so wicked awesome.............  so the "skeleton" is out of the closet...actually I have lot's of old legs in the closet....amputee below.....progress to follow.....thank you Lord for walking along side of me while I do this.  Amen.
Oh my makeup but that's what they do for "before" I did it. 

Ok chick....need some hair-color at
Just some body image pics

Middle gotta work that body.

Gluts....gotta trim down some..

The new leg.....taking this journey with.

Gotta slim down the chubbas.

This is "old faithful"  I will keep this leg around at fall back on when brake-downs occur at first.  So far so good.

A friend of mine encouraged me awhile ago to blog about the time....I wasn't there....but now I am there....thanks "M". 

We all have our "skeletons" ...our hangups if you will.  God helps you through what ever part of your journey you are about to go into....or already in...or seeing you through to the other side.

Be well ....nest in peace......Karen

Monday, May 6, 2013

Last weekend's lil project.

Hello Monday ....happy May Monday to you. What's May Monday you  It's not official, just me saying it because it's the first Monday of May.  Finally here on Cape Cod we have a warm day today.  I mean you actually feel the heat from the's awesome!!!

Ok this past Saturday I had a bored moment. Of course there was plenty to cleaning, laundry etc. ect.  I just wanted to ditch that stuff for a minute.  A light-bulb went off in my head....and I went searching for a picture in a cool frame stored in my closet.   Never "loved" the pic, but really liked the frame.  I had a paper bag, I saved from "The Black Dog" store on Marthas Vineyard...saved on purpose to do this task.  I just had forgotten to do it.  It's simple so here is what I did.
Pop out the back of frame.  Have to be careful.

Take apart the paper bag, again carefully.

There he is...there are bag lines, but I don't mind them.

And the finished product.  A new pic for the nest.

The frame has a cool black and gold edging.  Love it.  Very unique.

Of course while doing my project I had some plum-spiced tea in my Black Dog mug.