Monday, December 28, 2009

Going, going, almost gone!

I just had to post some last remnants of Christmas here in our Hingham home. Just some shots from our Christmas Tree.  It seems plaid was really "in" this year.  I had an older plaid round tree bulb, not vintage but say 7 years old.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  On December 17th at 5:00am my precious little mother passed from this earth to be with the Lord.  As mentioned in my other blogs I would go and visit/help my mom up in New Hampshire.  My last visit with her in November will be a sweet memory.  Mom was "spunky" and bright that day.  My husband, sister, nephew and brother and his wife were there too.  It was a great visit.  There is a missing piece now in my life.  A piece that is no longer on this earth and you can feel that in your heart and soul.  I do know however, my mom is at peace and in no more pain.  This Christmas Jacquie is with Jesus.

I've developed a closer relatinship with my little sister thru my mothers illness.  We promised our mother we would stay close to one another.  And we will.  My mothers service was a beautiful one, simple and sweet.  Jacquie was honored by her children, and grandchildren.

Christmas came here to our home, and  was celebrated because it is the birth of our Savior.  Christmas was special in the sence that I know my mom is there with Jesus, He came to this earth to give us eternal life.  My mom now has eternal life with our Savior who loves her so very much.  Family is so important.  Honor your parents the bible says well mom I do honor you. 

Our children are here with us this Christmas my son and his new wife, my oldest and my youngest who attends college all the way in Cal.  I am blessed to have them here this Christmas.  The empty nest" season of ones life takes some getting used too.  Does a mother ever get used to her empty next?  I don't know I am just starting on that journey.  However I will say I treasure all the moments I have with my children and anticipate the patter of grandchildrens little feet across my floors when the little ones come to visit.

I pray for a New Year filled with peace, love, and joy and I mean this for real.  I pray for health, and happiness that goes along with that joy.  I pray businesses to grow, and prosper!  I pray that we would heed the command to love one another.  Show acts of kindness to one another.  Kindness goes a long way.

Blessings, Karen

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh November, I love you!

Honestly I do love November.  Halloweenie is over, nothing like October's colors but in November there are leaves still on trees a yellow and orange hue flows thru the leaves from the sun shinning thru.  The leaves are on the ground, still with color but not as bright. These leaves crunch as you walk through them and fun to kick around. Some left over not picked pumpkins are still in the fields.  The dew frost in the morning sun makes them sparkle like little diamonds are on them.  I used to tell my kids when they were little, and we were driving to school....."look Jack Frost or as my youngest would call him (Jack the Frost), came and sprinkled frost on the ground and on the pumpkins.  They would look and think it was the coolest thing.....I did too!

Thanksgiving is on it's way soon.  It is my favorite holiday ever!!  I love inviting folks over and then planning the meal.  I love the fire going in the fireplace, and the table set so pretty, and everyone arrives, and the food is served.  When you are done the desserts come out and the gathering continues,  with great conversation, over coffee and dessert.  I just love it.  The children are in the living room watching Christmas specials, and later if I have my kids know this tradition since 1991 we all watch you guessed it HOME ALONE!!  yaaahoooo.  Also George C. Scotts, A Christmas Carol from the 80's its a really nice version of the Christmas Carol.  I am going to see Jim Cary's A Christmas Carol this Holiday Season.   Can't wait. 

Enjoy this month (I'll blog more this month) just want to say enjoy this Thanksgiving, and I know you don't have to think hard on what to be thankful for.  We all have many blessings to be thankful for and grateful for.  Remember to pray for our troops as they are away from their families, and for their safty.  Blessings Karen

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Louie is now Corporal

Just a quick note for my blog.  Our U.S.Marine son just received Corporal, it's a great accomplishment.  We are so proud of him and I know his new bride is too.  Ooah!!   Well  Corporal Bonitto is doing well and moving forward!   Lord Bless our Troops and keep them safe, and hold their families in Your Hand.  Please remember our troops and lift up a prayer for them.  Look in your local area and see if there is a toy drive for our troops familes  Donate time or toys or what is needed.  Our support is so important to our men and woman who are serving.  Honor them!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A local Coffee Shoppe

The local coffee shoppe is a cool place to go too.  It's a place where "everybody knows your name".  It is a place to sit and converse with locals.  A bonding occures when folks go to their local coffee shoppe  even with just small chatter...... its seeing one another and catching up in a general sence. There is a sence of community in these establishments.  I would like to suggest  A Better Bean Coffee Shop in Bridgewater Center, in Bridgewater, MA.  The owners do not know I am blogging about their shop.  They are a young couple and I believe in showing the local guy support.  So go to A Better Bean say hi to the folks there.  You can bring your labtop and do some work, or bring a book and read, or just have your cup of joe and gaze out the window and take in the view of the locals buzzing around their town.  It's a quaint New England Expierence. I just love the name of this coffee shoppe A Better Bean, don't you?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

All of us are on a Journey

Well, since my last post and this one, I've been away.  I was  in Brigeton, Maine with some precious friends who invited me up to spend some "away time".  Away from it all, a much needed time out for me.  The stresses of life were a bit much and I needed to recharge.  This was a blessing to be able to take this get away.   I enjoyed the simple life that Maine people live.  The minute I got there on a hot August evening there was no rush to get anywhere.  There was an instent lull to life.  It took some time to get used to this but I did.  Life is just slower and I think more enjoyed.  I want to remember that and enjoy life more here in my Massachusettes town of Hingham.  I had times of solace, times of prayer and meditation, a time of crying which brought forth great healing.  I actually took the time to "smell the roses" if you will but adapted it to the season.  I took the time to soak in Gods colorful painted creation of the Fall foliage.  What beauty I saw driving along Route 302 and Route 16 through the WhiteMountains again which boarder New Hampshire and Maine.  All along this drive one could see the natives  selling their seasonal wares.  There were bright orange pumpkins in fields, all sizes glorious for vegetable, and cornstalks.  Cider mills selling this sesons freshly made cider.  Some towns traveled thru were like yesteryear gone by, but I was actually seeing these towns.  I loved it.  I remember towns like this when I was a girl, simple places with a Mobil Gas Station Flying A horse on the sign in the center of town.  A general store,  a town hall and a post office.  If you blinked too long you went thru the town.

I was strengthened mind, body, and soul from this 7-8 week journey I took in Maine this late Summer early Fall.  I was so grateful to my friends who insisted on me staying with them  Bless their home Lord. I so enjoyed their dogs (Clem the shepherd, Inga, the red hound, Rudy, the black lab and Figet the Cocker mix.)  Each one of these dogs had their own personality, Clem was the clown of the pack, and has such a zest for life.  Inga, is a mighty hunter but also so gentle and she smiles,... really she smiles.  There is Rudy big and grand in his stature, a mellow beast and there is Figet, loyal, kind Figet.  They were my buds.  I enjoyed to mare horses , Chance and Jet.  I mucked their stalls and  paddock and loved it.  It was soothing actually.  I enjoyed my stay in Maine.  I am grateful for where my journey took me spiritually.  Thank you Lord, this was Your timing, Gods perfect timing.  I found "Karen" on this journey, and I am still finding out more about her.  I like her! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Pineapple

I don't know if I've mentioned the pineapple and what it means. Being in real estate I love everything to do with homes and the history of New England homes in particular. Did you know the pineapple is the symbol of "hospitality" In the "olden-days" the 16th century it was the "pyne fruit" from the Caribbean. Our sea captains brought the pyne fruit over thinking it could be harvested here in Virginia. Well, later the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality amongst the colonial settlers. When sea captains returned from their over seas voyages they would cut a pineapple in half and hang it on their gates to show that he was home and that all were welcomed to come in to visit. Most likely he discussed his voyage across the ocean to far off lands with buying exotic wares and spices to bring back to the New land, New England, and it's sister coast land up the Eastern Coast.

Now folks put decorative pineapples on their front doors. Do they know it has a meaning for their precious home? It's a warm feeling that I get when I see the pineapple adorning someones door, kind of like the red door or the white picket fence. So that is why I like the pineapple symbol on my site, it says come on and sit with your favorite hot, or cold beverage and read my blog and look at my site. Until again, blessings to you , Karen

Monday, August 3, 2009

Going off to college

It's August oh my! My son and his new bride are entering their fourth month of marriage. Amazing. My youngest has graduated High School, had her graduation/going away to college party. Now we are getting ready for sending her off to college in sunny California. No more rides to school at 7:00am, that is over now. We are buying plane tickets and planning when our daughter can come home (it won't be till Christmas), I can do this I know I can.:) All her dorm things will be bought out there in Cal. Kayla got $$ and gift cards to stores, located not far from her college, (thanks to the Internet). Kay is excited and a bit scared (weren't we all at the venture of going off to college)? Go my child with God's Hand upon you! Do your best, we are always here, do well and learn much, accomplish your dreams. Love you MOM oh , and you better send me an email now and again and give me a call. :) My oldest will complete her last year in the Fall at a local college. After her graduation she is then applying to dental school. Very proud of our kids.

So this means mom has to do something new. What will I do? Well my eyes are always peeled out for any curb-side items left out for the taking. I have a couple of items I need to spruce up and get them on my Karens Korner Shoppe. What I will do is try to put more time into this small business of mine. We are told by the experts to do what you love, so I love antiques, and turning old thrown-away furniture into reusable shabby chic furniture. What better way to go "green", fix-up, re-paint, re-design, and re-sell for "new" enjoyment for someone else.

I also want to invest more time into my real estate business. I am in a new season in my life. "What do I want to do now"? So the above mentioned is what I want to do and spend more time in doing them.

New "seasons", for many of us, accept your season. If it's a hard season right now, you can receive God's grace to go thru it. If it's an enjoyable season, enjoy it well. Karen

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring-New England-New Life

Spring in New England, I will never tire of our four seasons here in the North East. Everything is in full bloom, the trees have sprung their green leaves. The flowers planted last Fall, are up and showing off their color and style. The blossoming cherry trees, dog wood trees what beauty, and color. Oh, and of course the most fantastic, breath taking Spring Blossom of all this Spring..... is my new daughter-in-law, Kristen Marie Bonitto and her most handsome husband in his dress blues our Louie on their wedding day. May 2nd was just a gorgeous day, the sun came out after several days of rain, and shined brightly on this most joyeous occasion. The bridesmaids, and groomsmen, the flower girl and the ring carriers all did their part. The pastors who performed the ceremony, shared great wisdom on marriage. The parents so proud, and the guests so excited to attend with all eyes on the bride and groom.

After the wedding the reception was held at Barkers Tavern located in Scituate, Ma right across from Scituate Harbor. Such a scenic place, a New England town with it's harbor view, to host a wedding reception. The Tavern dates back to the 1700's I believe, and the wedding pictures were taken by a running brook on the grounds. The reception was festive, food and dancing , families, and friends gathered to celebrate.

Words are hard to find to explain what goes on in a mothers heart when her child gets married. So many emotions, memories, hopes for a beautiful future. A new journey for the bride and groom begins! So does a new journey begin for "mom". Her son is grown, and gone away to live with his beautiful bride in another state serving his country in the U.S. Marine Corp. "Lord be with them always", is my hearts cry. I know they will be fine. This is part of the journey of a mom her "babies" grow and leave the next. All which is perfectly normal, its bittersweet but yet awesome and wonderful at the same time. I am happy, and blessed, and have gained a daughter-in-law who is beautiful, and so good to my son. My son, may you treat your wife like the most precious gift that she is.

May they live life well together!!!!

Oh, yes, and I want grandbabies. I can wait, but I want them. (Smile) From the blogger, aka Karen, Mom, Moma B and someday ......Nona, Grammie, Gramma, (haven't decided yet)

Wedding Bliss