Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh November, I love you!

Honestly I do love November.  Halloweenie is over, nothing like October's colors but in November there are leaves still on trees a yellow and orange hue flows thru the leaves from the sun shinning thru.  The leaves are on the ground, still with color but not as bright. These leaves crunch as you walk through them and fun to kick around. Some left over not picked pumpkins are still in the fields.  The dew frost in the morning sun makes them sparkle like little diamonds are on them.  I used to tell my kids when they were little, and we were driving to school....."look Jack Frost or as my youngest would call him (Jack the Frost), came and sprinkled frost on the ground and on the pumpkins.  They would look and think it was the coolest thing.....I did too!

Thanksgiving is on it's way soon.  It is my favorite holiday ever!!  I love inviting folks over and then planning the meal.  I love the fire going in the fireplace, and the table set so pretty, and everyone arrives, and the food is served.  When you are done the desserts come out and the gathering continues,  with great conversation, over coffee and dessert.  I just love it.  The children are in the living room watching Christmas specials, and later if I have my kids know this tradition since 1991 we all watch you guessed it HOME ALONE!!  yaaahoooo.  Also George C. Scotts, A Christmas Carol from the 80's its a really nice version of the Christmas Carol.  I am going to see Jim Cary's A Christmas Carol this Holiday Season.   Can't wait. 

Enjoy this month (I'll blog more this month) just want to say enjoy this Thanksgiving, and I know you don't have to think hard on what to be thankful for.  We all have many blessings to be thankful for and grateful for.  Remember to pray for our troops as they are away from their families, and for their safty.  Blessings Karen

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