Monday, December 28, 2009

Going, going, almost gone!

I just had to post some last remnants of Christmas here in our Hingham home. Just some shots from our Christmas Tree.  It seems plaid was really "in" this year.  I had an older plaid round tree bulb, not vintage but say 7 years old.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  On December 17th at 5:00am my precious little mother passed from this earth to be with the Lord.  As mentioned in my other blogs I would go and visit/help my mom up in New Hampshire.  My last visit with her in November will be a sweet memory.  Mom was "spunky" and bright that day.  My husband, sister, nephew and brother and his wife were there too.  It was a great visit.  There is a missing piece now in my life.  A piece that is no longer on this earth and you can feel that in your heart and soul.  I do know however, my mom is at peace and in no more pain.  This Christmas Jacquie is with Jesus.

I've developed a closer relatinship with my little sister thru my mothers illness.  We promised our mother we would stay close to one another.  And we will.  My mothers service was a beautiful one, simple and sweet.  Jacquie was honored by her children, and grandchildren.

Christmas came here to our home, and  was celebrated because it is the birth of our Savior.  Christmas was special in the sence that I know my mom is there with Jesus, He came to this earth to give us eternal life.  My mom now has eternal life with our Savior who loves her so very much.  Family is so important.  Honor your parents the bible says well mom I do honor you. 

Our children are here with us this Christmas my son and his new wife, my oldest and my youngest who attends college all the way in Cal.  I am blessed to have them here this Christmas.  The empty nest" season of ones life takes some getting used too.  Does a mother ever get used to her empty next?  I don't know I am just starting on that journey.  However I will say I treasure all the moments I have with my children and anticipate the patter of grandchildrens little feet across my floors when the little ones come to visit.

I pray for a New Year filled with peace, love, and joy and I mean this for real.  I pray for health, and happiness that goes along with that joy.  I pray businesses to grow, and prosper!  I pray that we would heed the command to love one another.  Show acts of kindness to one another.  Kindness goes a long way.

Blessings, Karen