Thursday, July 10, 2008

Old dog needs to learn new tricks.

Ok so I haven't blogged in a bit. Busy, busy. I've been also enjoying this summer's weather. My youngest daughter is roughing it over on The Vineyard for the next two weeks. I am so happy she could go and be a nanny for some family members. Our family has gone over to The Vineyard, mainly Oak Bluffs for years. My husband and I haven't recently, but we will again just post phoned for a bit.
Old dog needs to learn new tricks. That is referring to me. I am very challenged when it comes to "tech-stuff", so my "boss" who does not know right at this moment is going to teach me how to post pics on my blog. (Wink, wink boss),smile. Believe me my "boss" and I tease because my "boss" is my precious friend, has great patience with me, God bless her for that ! So watch this old dog's blog soon and watch her go with taking and posting "fab" pics for her blog.
If any one is reading this blog........take in all of God's beauty out there this summer. I'll be back soon! Karen