Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is our son's birthday today.

Louie home for a visit after deployment. Our mighty Marine. A man and his "beast"

A mighty fisherman like his dad.

Very loved by his sisters.

Louie and his beautiful wife.

Lou's wedding day at a tavern by the ocean....Barkers Tavern.
Louie's little league team...with his dad as an assistant coach.

Where did the 27 years go???  We are so proud of our son...always an easy going kid....even his birth was easy...really it was.  A son touches a mothers heart....Louie blesses mine (ours) so much.  I at times mourn those years of his childhood...( all my three kids childhood) from time to time.  It's apart of life as a mother.  You are their everything....till one day you are not.  Well actually that day is always progressing as the years go by...with each mile stone reached in their growth and maturity.  I am fine, adult children are wonderful.  I now know why the good Lord has the extra blessing for later in life called...{Grandmom...Mimi....Nana.....Nona....Nonnie...Grammy...} ect.  I can not wait to become a grandmother!!  The time has not come yet...oh.... but when that day comes .....Joy, Joy, Joy

Stay safe friends on this stormy day of January 22, 2014. 
Happy Birthday Louie!!  Have a very blessed day, and year my son.


Monday, January 20, 2014

It's MLK,JR Day...January 20th, 2014

It's Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  A national holiday, which Massachusettes observes.  I work at a school p/t so no work today.  I am taking time to reflect...on this great man yes...but a very humble man.  Rev. King....had a peaceful way about him....but a fierce God given conviction that compelled him. 

Is there your life that you know....who marched with Rev. King?  I know folks....their memories that they have shared are amazing....beautiful.........along with scary, and chilling.

Lord, may we have our what we believe...fiercely stand in that conviction, and be guided by your MLK,Jr.
My prayer..{may I be my convictions...and love, beyond words...with fierceness and humility & lead by the Lord's leading.}

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Football....the Season is over for us.

Well friends....the Patriots are done for the season...and what a season.  I totally enjoyed the Fall/Winter football season.  Many games were "nail bitters", but so worth watching.  I don't always understand the game....but each year I learn more and more.  It's a time  hubby and I can do something together....we love it.
Lost to the Bronco' did well.  Bill you are the best coach....Mr. Craft {owner of the Pat's} you are a good man.  Mr. Tom Brady...well you are Tom Brady are just so wicked awesome. 
Next year...Fall 2014 can not wait!!!!!  Take a nice vacation deserve it.  I will always be a Pat's fan.... waiting for Downton Abbey....less than an hour to go.  Have a wonderful peaceful Sunday night friends.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Monday to you!

Hello, and happy Monday to you sweet friends of {blog-land}.  I woke up this morning, and let the dog out, and the warm sun came across my face, and I could smell the fresh earth.  It's January 13th not March 13th, but outside felt like Spring.  I instantly felt a "charge" in my "low battery".  Now I know...this weather is only going to last a day or two then back to the New England Cold.  However....I soaked in this warmth....and I am going with this "re-charging" my battery today.

When the dog "the beast" was settled, and my coffee was made,   I felt compelled, to {blog-surf}...I really did.  I saw some lovely blogs...and then there was ONE.  This blog so inspired me. It was ment to be...for me to read....and I responded to this lovely lady's blog to let her know I was lifted and inspired.  I needed that and The Lord knew that.  He is so ever faithful. 

I need a my purpose and calling......don't you friend?  I am so glad when you shall find.....He will lead you, the Lord is always speaking...leading.....guiding.....graciously .  Thank you Lord.

Have a wonderful Monday, and week, my friends.

Nest in Peace.......................Karen

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday in New England-although the Pats played last night.

I saw this pillow online.  Love it...have to make it.  I love football. 

 Most of all love our New England Patriots.  YES!!!

 Love this Girl.  Her name is Stephanie.  She is a Patriots Cheerleader.  This young lady is a dear friend of our youngest.  We have known her since the 3rd grade. 
We are cheering along with this girl....she not only is a Patriots cheerleader.....Stephanie is on this season's American Idol.  Our Massachusettes girl!!!  See Stephanie this Wednesday on American Idol.  Vote for her.  So proud of proud of our New England Pats!!!!!!  Go team.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

That was then this is now.

Hello friends. Happy New Year to you and yours. What a beautiful,,,,, and peaceful Christmas Season we had. Hope your Christmas celebration and Holidays were sweet.   Hubby and I celebrated 31 years at the end of this  Past December. Three wonderful kids and daughter in- law. I feel very blessed. Not always an easy journey this marriage thing, {sometimes} down right keep pushing and moving.... I call it {duke it out}. I am grateful for Gods grace and mercy.