Thursday, January 29, 2015

Has it really been that long? Hello dear friends!

Hello blog-land friends.  Hope everyone is well, safe and warm.  Here is our Cape Cod Nest drive way after "Juno" left The Cape.  About waist high.

So this is our little Harper.  We rescued her last April, when we put our beloved {Naydie} down.  Harper is the Bee's Knees.  Looking at "Dad" plowing, compliments from our awesome neighbors, they let hubby use their snow blower.
I just can not get enough of this precious little face.  Harper is a joy!
I love how Harper stands watch at her post.  This is her house, and she is the {dog of the house} now.  Look how high that snow is.  So thankful for a warm home, during this storm.  No power outages here and very few in our town.  Nantucket Island did loose power, they got pounded.  The Island is doing much better now.

I have not blogged in some time.  Why?  I'm not a hundred percent sure.  I am good, the kids are good.  Hubby is good.  I think I have allowed the "craziness", going on in our world get to me.  I was feeling like {why blog about home d├ęcor, or what my next "project" is or what's going on at A Cape Cod Nest}.  I really did think wow, this is meaningless compared to what is going on in different parts of the world.  A heaviness if you will filled my heart.

Well, I've given it to the Lord.  It's ok, God made me this way.  Pray, and keep praying for this world......then live!  Keep living, keep pressing on....keep in the faith.....knowing The Lord knows all things.  We are to keep living our lives......with grateful hearts.  There is love, joy and peace given from the Father above.  Pray for those suffering.  Thank Him for our freedoms.  Live, occupy, love, and have our being in Him  this day which He has made.

I'm busy with life.  {Feathering the Nest}  Enjoying planning a wedding with our oldest daughter.
No grand babies as of yet from the married son and daughter in law.  It's all good.

So dear friends I look forward to coming back to blogging.  I love looking at your blogs.  It's fun to catch up.