Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Beloved Family pet is greatly missed.

This is our {beloved Naydie}  We had to put her down last April due to being an "ol girl" it was so hard to do and the pain I felt for days after was deep and severe.  It surprised how much it hurt letting her go.  Naydie was the family dog.  She was my constant when the {nest} started to empty itself.  Naydie was always there when each one of our kids left the nest.....and now she is gone.  Naydie was my girl. She is free of pain now, running, and chasing squirrels,

There is a new four legged child....of course she does not take Naydie's place.....Our lil Harper will make her own legacy with us at {a cape cod nest}.  Harper is a rescue dog like Naydie was.  She is a love, and very smart, a rascal.  We are missing our Naydia and our memories of her and the kids {when they were all young are sweet}.

Life continues on.....we are all's been a busy summer.  Weddings....graduations......and more weddings to come.    I thank the Lord for my many blessings!  Lord may your grace and mercy cover and go before those suffering this day in the Middle-East.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July America and friends.

(on line pictures I borrowed)

Nest in Peace friends.---Karen


Friday, April 4, 2014

Stepping into Spring!- Look what we did during the winter.

Hello dear friends.  Are you ready for Spring??  Everyone is at this point.  Guess's coming.....slowly it is coming.  I am so excited for the {newness} of life to begin.  Little sprouts around the yard...the robins here and there, and people actually outside...walking...and jogging....not shoveling.  LOL.  I love Spring....and the Easter season.  My heart is so grateful this Lent, /Easter time.  I am sure you are very grateful to the Lord as well, for all He has done for you.

So during this c-o-l-d ...l-o-n-g  winter we had here in New England....this is what the {hubs} and I did to the Nest.  First below is a gorgeous find on Craig's List.
A "hall-tree" made of antique wood pieces...owner said she purchased it up in Maine some years ago.  Did not fit in the new home she was buying.  My gain...I love it.
I am a bit bummed this pic is grainy.  The walls were painted a Ben Moore Nottingham Putty.  Love it.  Black shelf above the settee was made by hubby.  Black with gold rope.  Hanging iron fixture...found at a habitat store...four of them for $4.00 each.  Two are in our hall way, one in our foyer and this one over the settee.  Hubs is an electrician so there you go.

These beauties are over the bar/counter in our kitchen/dining area.  They were my Craig's List find.  Wrought iron, with bubbles in the glass.  Love them.  PB was my PB price!!

So here is the bar/counter my husband built.  This is from a real bar in Boston, (we know the owners).  They wanted new bar counters and so they asked do we have a purpose for some of their butcher block tops they were throwing out.  Ummm yes please- re-purpose it we shall do.  This was striped and re stained and a marine poly put on.  P.S.  Our new fireplace mantel is made out of this wood, along with a table.

So this was a regular kitchen cabinet, put here as a wet bar in the 1970's when our home was built.  We took off the doors....put some bead-board up....painted the bead-board same Nottingham Putty as the walls.  Hubby "beefed" up the outside with fluting...and rosettes.  I put a fresh coat of the black paint on everything.  These are my bone china cups I have collected since I was 10.  My grandmother got me hooked on them.

Far away shot. The pic to the left...a lithograph of the Shannondo- a (miss spelled sorry) Ship in Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard.  The Black Dog Tavern is also in the picture.  This was my whole inspiration with the black and gold.  Again the black woodwork was already here unique, and I love it, and it works here in my Cape Cod....New England home.  I love bright, but I adore warm and cozy.

The added detail.  You can always beef up a look.
Our dining area all done.  The black woodwork was already there when we bought our home...I just spruced it up.  Love my round 100 year old oak table from Craig's list.  Right hand corner is a piece of our new mantel for the fireplace...with gold rope.
Over the windows....found 5 Waverly black/putty plaid valances...{new condition} at one of my fav consignment treasurer stores.  "Robin's Nest" on 6A in Sandwich, MA    {Shout out to Robin. }


So, here is the clock I re-painted, it was blue....and the shelf hubby made with a gold rope trim, and gold buttons to hide the screws.  He did a great job.

I am thankful and grateful and feel very blessed to have a wonderful cozy home.  I am thankful I have a soft pillow to rest my head at night and food on the table.  My {adult children} are well.  I am "nesting" once again....I feel in my heart...maybe just maybe grand babies may be coming.  Oh don't worry...I will let you know.  

Blessings....have a wonderful weekend....






Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello March......2014

Hi there friend(s) it's been a month since my last post.  All is good here, besides the crazy snowy weather, that won't go away!!  We do know March can "come in like a lion out like a lamb". With all the snow that came the first week of's gone...except the piles of snow in shopping parking lots, but even those will be gone very soon.  That is good news....we are ready to get out of our houses....smell the dirt once again....feel the warm sun, and look for the Spring flowers peering up thru the ground.  Very happy for daylight's light out at 6pm.  Whoot-whoot. 

Another thing about March, I turn a year older.  Just had a birthday.  Yup....I tend to feel this one.  Early 50', when you really think about it {which I really shouldn't} it's like "where did the years go"?  In a split second I can recall all down memory lane and say oh that's where it went.  It's 31 years of marriage.....three awesome kids..... all kinds of homes along the and downs. school lunches  brushing the girls hair  braiding their hair....and wonderful times.  Gains....and losses....LIFE happened in those years......I am grateful....I am blessed.......yes I am "wicked bummbed" about ....the grey hairs (which are multiplying by the hour"....the weight.....just look at food and gain......the change in my hands....  I'm being honest here dear friends.....I know...I's vain......but let's face it.....these changes are real.....they are happening, either way they are happening.....I am a year older.

What I have decided to do....and need His help to keep doing thank Him for giving me another year (which I do,  recognize it's a blessing to be here with my enjoy what the Lord has given me thru the years.....a wonderful family.....great friends......a healing....wonderful church many blessings.!!!!!

It's ok to take a minute...access where you are.....don't take longer....LOL, deal with... ok this is happening...age(ing)... but don't dwell on it.  It's how it's suppose to be...yes I will dig deeper in how to take care of this 50 something body....get in better shape....treat this body this vessel the best way I can.  I need to get the "best mileage" I can out of this "ol girl"..LOL    Then keep running the good race....go His will.  Know His will.  Keep going.......forward, thanking the Lord always for His grace and mercy for "this day".  Thank you Lord for another year.

I am grateful.....I am blessed....and I choose to accept this 50something, :) and move on...I had my I look forward to this year and I won't let my mind rob me of dwelling about my youth, I choose to embrace my 50's they won't come I better. 
Nest in Peace................Karen

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's a beautiful snowed in Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday to you all.  One of my fav scriptures.  No service this Sunday morning.  We are snowed in anyway....For those who can make it our church is having a 4pm service with supper to follow.  That will warm every one's bones a bit.
So  Last night the winds were loud, and fierce.  We lost electricity before 10pm and hubby and I and beast {our dog} went to bed for a long winter's nap.  The electricity was off for only a couple of hours.  Thank you Lord... our heat was off too, but not for long.  Had nice old fashioned wool blankets.

Just a quick snap shot from inside the nest.

A winter wonder land.....still in mid's all good.  As we all know...{this too shall pass}  Spring is waiting to come in all it's glory.

So kinda excited to see my fav show with hubby tonight.  Wicked Tuna's new season comes on this evening.  Hubby went to a fishing expo last weekend, and met some of the captains from Wicked was Wicked Awesome.....also will tape Downton Abbey....both shows are on at the same time.  You can tell it's Winter....and we have Cabin fever when one gets excited about TV shows.   LOL

Nest in Peace....His Peace.......Karen

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last weekend's buy...this weeks re-do. Happy Weekend Friends.

Hello friends, how are you this Saturday?  So here we are again another {wicked bad staum} coming to Massachusetts, in a few hours. Cape Cod getting it bad this time. So got to make the most of the {hunkering down}, in the warm cozy Nest.  {Which I thank the Lord for always.}
Went to a fav consignment shoppe last week.  Saw this clock....loved it.  Not in it's current colors...saw something totally different in my minds eye.  Like you do I am sure when you spot that perfect accent piece for your home.  That's what is so fun with second hand purpose the item...make it yours. to match my like dining area.  It's not completed as of yet but almost....and the pics will come....

What to do regarding those rounded curves on the glass face of the clock.....oh I know a coffee filter....and friends it did the trick.  Quick, easy, and neatly done.

I did a base coat for the metallic gold paint to adhere to the surface.

Love and a Colonial....ship's captain's quarters would have.  The bumps from the original paint job makes the clock look really old.

Here it is....I really love how the clock came out.  It will go up on the wall soon and more pics will be posted.  This is a good size piece, about like 20".  The owner of the shoppe loves to see pics of what is bought ,and re purposed in the new owners home.
Have a wonderful Saturday, and weekend.  It's February vacation here.  I work at a school, doing the after-care program {love it}.  So no school.....a week to get this dining area done.  Hubby is busy doing the electrical.....Blessings

Nest in Peace..................Karen

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fireplace Mantel Done.

Hi there!  I am posting our fireplace mantel project.  This feat has been in the making since this past Fall.  A dear friend and us barter each others talents.  My hubby did his electrical problems...and our friend, built this new mantel.  We have two fireplaces and neither have mantels.  {A girl has to have her mantel to decorate}.  We re purposed some butcher-block hubby got from a bar in Boston.  We have used this butcher-block to make our bar/counter as well.  {will post that at a later date}.

A side view. This mantel had to be somewhat narrow...but I can still manage to decorate it....

Sorry this pic is somewhat grainy....hubby added the gold rope wood trim....I want a " the Sea" theme.  Why black you ask?  In our dining area the trim woodwork is black.  I kept it and spruced it up.  {Those pics at a later date also}.

Love this message....we have all seen it.  I saw it done up black and gold....and did it.  Across from the fireplace is our dining area so it's nice to see this when sitting there.

I love my "Ole Salty"  I got him in Edgartown - Martha's Vineyard  some years ago.  I do have roosters in my dining area.  Roosters are a sign of "good morning" to me.  I love the mornings.  {His mercies are new every morning} right?

I have more of my "re-do" projects to post.  Been very busy this Winter with hubby.  I however, want to take more professional pics.  I am wanting to go to the next level if you will with my picture taking.  I am going to drive my good friend nuts with this because I am going to pest her on cameras.  My friend... if you are reading this you know who you are.  LOL

Blessings to all............

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Snowy Monday!!

Good Monday to you all. It's snowing once again, here on Cape Cod.  The weather station predicted just 3" now its 3 to 6" .  It is beautiful.....I must admit.  I know Spring is coming, but {Phil} did see his shadow after all so...6 extra weeks of Winter they say.  Again I repeat....we know Spring is on it's way.  I do love wintery scenes...found these above....Happy well....


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is our son's birthday today.

Louie home for a visit after deployment. Our mighty Marine. A man and his "beast"

A mighty fisherman like his dad.

Very loved by his sisters.

Louie and his beautiful wife.

Lou's wedding day at a tavern by the ocean....Barkers Tavern.
Louie's little league team...with his dad as an assistant coach.

Where did the 27 years go???  We are so proud of our son...always an easy going kid....even his birth was easy...really it was.  A son touches a mothers heart....Louie blesses mine (ours) so much.  I at times mourn those years of his childhood...( all my three kids childhood) from time to time.  It's apart of life as a mother.  You are their everything....till one day you are not.  Well actually that day is always progressing as the years go by...with each mile stone reached in their growth and maturity.  I am fine, adult children are wonderful.  I now know why the good Lord has the extra blessing for later in life called...{Grandmom...Mimi....Nana.....Nona....Nonnie...Grammy...} ect.  I can not wait to become a grandmother!!  The time has not come yet...oh.... but when that day comes .....Joy, Joy, Joy

Stay safe friends on this stormy day of January 22, 2014. 
Happy Birthday Louie!!  Have a very blessed day, and year my son.