Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last weekend's buy...this weeks re-do. Happy Weekend Friends.

Hello friends, how are you this Saturday?  So here we are again another {wicked bad staum} coming to Massachusetts, in a few hours. Cape Cod getting it bad this time. So got to make the most of the {hunkering down}, in the warm cozy Nest.  {Which I thank the Lord for always.}
Went to a fav consignment shoppe last week.  Saw this clock....loved it.  Not in it's current colors...saw something totally different in my minds eye.  Like you do I am sure when you spot that perfect accent piece for your home.  That's what is so fun with second hand purpose the item...make it yours. to match my like dining area.  It's not completed as of yet but almost....and the pics will come....

What to do regarding those rounded curves on the glass face of the clock.....oh I know a coffee filter....and friends it did the trick.  Quick, easy, and neatly done.

I did a base coat for the metallic gold paint to adhere to the surface.

Love and a Colonial....ship's captain's quarters would have.  The bumps from the original paint job makes the clock look really old.

Here it is....I really love how the clock came out.  It will go up on the wall soon and more pics will be posted.  This is a good size piece, about like 20".  The owner of the shoppe loves to see pics of what is bought ,and re purposed in the new owners home.
Have a wonderful Saturday, and weekend.  It's February vacation here.  I work at a school, doing the after-care program {love it}.  So no school.....a week to get this dining area done.  Hubby is busy doing the electrical.....Blessings

Nest in Peace..................Karen


Lisa said...

Love the new look foe your clock! Good classic choice.:) Stay warm. Hopefully spring will be here soon. It has been cold all across the country!

Lisa @ Lisas Creative Designs said...

Really cute idea. Found you on a google search. I am going to go check out your Etsy shop!