Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Easter Sunday-Happy Easter- He is risen!!

He rose again on the thrid day!  It is ressurection Day!  Jesus did this for you and me, because of God's great  love for us.  John 3:16

May everyone have a wonderful Resurrection Day....Easter .  Enjoy your Easter with family and friends....great food, fun egg hunts.  Beautiful baskets filled with wonderful yummy treats.

Nest in His peace.............Karen

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Good Friday....reflection...

Good Friday Service-Cushing Center, Norwell, MA @ 6:30pm.  All Welcomed.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Did I mention that I sell realestate?  Don't think I have on "acapecodnest" blogspot.  I do, have for some years now.  Love homes, always have loved to look at houses.  Now I sell them.  I just love a warm welcome front entry... A matter how big or small is where all gather.  for love, laughter, warmth, and safety. 
Do you know a "red" door means welcome?

A bit blurry I know, this was my former house.  We bought it in 1995 and sold it in 2008 before the market crashed.  We loved this home.

I like the simplicity of this front entry.

As I get older,...I at times feel that a little tiny adorable cottage-shed will do just fine....just for me of room for the beast or the hubby.  Is not this little dwelling inviting?  How nice would that be to have a "studio place" of my own?  Something to think about.

I started this post with a welcome sign with a pineapple on it.  Did you know that in the 1700's and 1800's it was custom in a seaside town for the sea captains ...when they returned to their towns port to split a pineapple in half (something they got on the islands they visited for merchandise), and when the towns people saw the 1/2 pineapple on the front door of the captains ment he was home from his far away voyage. Safe and sound. You were welcomed to call upon him and visit.

Have a great rest of your Monday....and a blessed week.

Nest in Peace...............Karen

Friday, March 22, 2013 snowed last night here on Cape Cod...but today the sun is shining!

This is what I saw when I opened up my peepers this morn.  However sticking to my last's golly!!

I will be glad this day.  I am grateful for the first breath I took to start this day.  I am also grateful for some wonderful news.  A friend asked for prayer for her adult niece...who the Dr.'s were 99.9% sure she had cancer.  Much prayer went up for this young lady....thru the internet and church bodies.....  Well I found out last evening...there was NO CANCER TO BE FOUND.  The Dr.'s are baffled.  I am giving God the glory!  Thank you Jesus.
I do not know this young lady or her parents...but I know her auntie....and I am rejoicing with them on this day for wonderful news, and the answer to prayer, and thanking a loving Lord.

I received these daffodils yesterday, actually at my Dr's office from the sweet was that right?  They were a thing of beauty to see this morn.

May everyone have a wonderful find something...cause there is always something to be thankful for....big or small.....we are blessed people.

Nest in His peace...................Karen

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's the first day of Spring ....Yaaahooo!!! How will you celebrate?

Well it's here Spring.  We have been waiting for you to arrive....Spring.  It's been a long Winter.  Winter, you were nice but we are always ready for Spring.  Winter you were here long enough...  What a wonderful Spring day we are having today.  The sun is out....cold but we know, the days will slowly warm up.  Oh Spring we can not wait for the beautiful color you will begin to splatter through out the grounds and trees.  How exciting to look forward to the grand outdoors once again.  Get ready people, even if you are looking at "snow" outside right now....Spring is officially here.

I need to work on new bird-feeders....bird houses and bird baths for the new nests' yard.  I have seen the wild life of birds out my dining room window.  That's one thing I have learned about being an empty take the time to see the birds, and enjoy them.

Have a great Wednesday folks.  Happy first day of Spring.

Nest in His peace.............................Karen

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Sunday, and St. Patty's Day!

Hello friends.  Happy Sunday, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Well they are talking more snow, for the beginning of this week....but I will not fret.....SPRING is almost here.  March as we know is a tricky month.  Green buds are sprouting up in neighbors yards.  Again, not sure what will bloom here nothing peeking up as of yet.  So if there are no Spring bulbs....they will go in for next year.  It's our first Spring here at our Nest.

My Sarah and I.
This is Luther, he poses for the camera...always.

Luther is fake sleeping....he knows the camera is on.  Just kiddin.
Well I had a lovely birthday celebration.  Spent the day with a dear friend....and hit some cute shoppes.  Got a few items for the home.  Spent some time with our "first born" (daughter) , we had seafood and cake for birthday dinner.   Sarah came with her 'Bo" and her four-legged "baby" Luther. I love simple family time.

Nest in Peace ............may this week be wonderful to you.    Karen

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's March 14th

Well it has come by birthday....I am grateful, blessed, beyond words.  Thank you Lord for my life and all you have blessed me nest, and You faithfully meet all my needs.

Saw this pic on line....look at their it.  So this looks like a choc. cake....however my fav is spice cake...who likes spice ask.....meeee it's so yummy loved it since I was a kid.....I like Hermits /with raisins too,   does anyone know what a Hermit is???  So delish with a cup of tea.
May you have a great rest of the week.  I am so happy to be spending this weekend with family and some visiting friends.  My heart is plump with joy.

Nest in His peace.........Karen


Monday, March 11, 2013

It's almost that time again.

Happy Monday to you!  So glad to see the sun shining today.  Spring is around the bend.  We had a stormy last week, but here on the Cape the snow has pretty much melted.

This week is my birthday...March 14th.  I am telling everyone it's the 10th anniversary of my 41st birthday.  I'm good with this birthday.  I haven't  been with others and guess what.....that is a waste of energy to feel that way.  Each year is a blessing to be here on earth with my family, and friends, and church.  I will rejoice and be glad!!

So I found a lovely "traditional" picture for sale at my favorite store called Craigslist. LOL  I mentioned to hubby "I would like this adorable pic for my birthday....and for our new nest".  I like to get his opinion on things for the home.  The seller had it for sale for a few weeks now on I feel it was ment to be mine.

Here is the picture.
I think the lil bunnies are adorable.
A close up of the critters.
I love the gold ornate frame.  Gives it a "traditional" classic look.  I have the pic in our entryway for now.  Little treasurers like this can bless your heart.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,   Nest in peace............Karen

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Wicked bad Stawm.

Hello friends, we have heard howling, strong winds since last night.  Just amazing.  We are on the coast as some of you know, and instead of snow we are getting extreme winds and rain.  The actual coastal folks need prayer for their homes once again.  All up the coast from Cape Cod to past Boston.  I have heard that the storms we have experienced this winter has changed the "look" of the Eastern Sea Board. Beach erosion....sand dunes gone, and homes destroyed. We have a lovely boardwalk here in Sandwich, some of it is in ruins.  Folks have left their homes in evacuations only to come back to pieces of their home in the ocean, or their whole house broken apart or just gone.

I am sitting in my home today thankful to the Lord, I have a home, I am safe, and warm.  My family is safe and we are blessed.  Truly blessed.  This storm will pass, in all it's loudness, and fierce ocean waves.  Calmness will come once again.

Thank you Lord for your safety.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obsessed with Downton Abbey

 So what is it about Downton Abbey?  I did not even know about it till about a month ago.  I have been a bit under the weather lately and so I decided to see what the fuss was all about.  Oh my's mad crazy how I love this series.  Hubby and I have watched all of season 1&season2.  It has taken us 2 weeks.  We at times saw episode after episode on the rainy grey days lately.  So now we are done and will watch season 3 and be caught up.  Hubby can not believe how much he likes it.  It is the great writing...yes scenery....and characters oh get so enraptured.  Love it.

Bye for now.....Nest in peace...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Easy Blueberry Pie-this weekend.

Lovely frozen wild blueberries-fresh not in season.

Ok this is what you need...

Heat up oh about 4-5 cups of blueberries...with oh about 1cup of raw sugar....add oh about 4tlbs of flour to thicken up the sauce.

I add some flour to the ready made pie dough.

Blueberries are now sitting in a nice thick sauce.

Fill the crust bottom....every drop from your pan....put top on with brushed flour and I brush milk on the top.

I cooked for 1hr and 15mins.  I will knock off 5mins. next time.  Even though the edges were browner than I wanted....the pie was "wicked awesome" as we say up here.

A cup of fresh brewed coffee to top off the nice weekend dessert.  I pray for everyone of you to have a wonderful....blessed....purposeful coming week.

Nest in peace......Karen


It's Sunday...Happy Sunday to you!

This is Rick Warren's new edition The Purpose Driven Life.
I am loving and eating up each daily devotion chapter.  This daily devotion will last 40 days so appropriate during this Easter season.  I loved today's greatly spoke to me.  I tend to you?  It's not good to worry....on all levels!  It solves nothing at all, and only breeds fear and anxiety for starters.  Focus on God and His Word and yes strength comes to ones spirit " I must make a change this day to change my way of thinking "meditation"  not to focus on worry but to "meditate" on His Word, what God says, and give my worries to Him. The book focuses on what is our purpose here on earth....God has a purpose for us!
Nest in Peace.............

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March 1st

Happy Friday to everyone!  How was your week?   Can you believe February is gone..gone...gone.  Hopefully the snow storms are gone too.  Many of us are done with the Winter blah's and ready for Springs awakening.
We moved here to Cape Cod last I have no idea what awaits us when all the snow is gone, and blooms come up from the once frozen ground.  It will be cool and exciting to see.  This empty Nester is looking for the simple pleasures in life to find enjoyment in.  Spring is such a wonder to me of God's beautiful creations...the Robin's nest, the grass getting greener by the day.  How about tulips, and daffodils showing off their gorgeous colors.  Oh to see colors....after the greyer days of "later winter".
Hope you are getting's's just around the corner....SPRING.
Nest in Peace....have a blessed weekend!