Monday, March 11, 2013

It's almost that time again.

Happy Monday to you!  So glad to see the sun shining today.  Spring is around the bend.  We had a stormy last week, but here on the Cape the snow has pretty much melted.

This week is my birthday...March 14th.  I am telling everyone it's the 10th anniversary of my 41st birthday.  I'm good with this birthday.  I haven't  been with others and guess what.....that is a waste of energy to feel that way.  Each year is a blessing to be here on earth with my family, and friends, and church.  I will rejoice and be glad!!

So I found a lovely "traditional" picture for sale at my favorite store called Craigslist. LOL  I mentioned to hubby "I would like this adorable pic for my birthday....and for our new nest".  I like to get his opinion on things for the home.  The seller had it for sale for a few weeks now on I feel it was ment to be mine.

Here is the picture.
I think the lil bunnies are adorable.
A close up of the critters.
I love the gold ornate frame.  Gives it a "traditional" classic look.  I have the pic in our entryway for now.  Little treasurers like this can bless your heart.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,   Nest in peace............Karen

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