Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's the first day of Spring ....Yaaahooo!!! How will you celebrate?

Well it's here Spring.  We have been waiting for you to arrive....Spring.  It's been a long Winter.  Winter, you were nice but we are always ready for Spring.  Winter you were here long enough...  What a wonderful Spring day we are having today.  The sun is out....cold but we know, the days will slowly warm up.  Oh Spring we can not wait for the beautiful color you will begin to splatter through out the grounds and trees.  How exciting to look forward to the grand outdoors once again.  Get ready people, even if you are looking at "snow" outside right now....Spring is officially here.

I need to work on new bird-feeders....bird houses and bird baths for the new nests' yard.  I have seen the wild life of birds out my dining room window.  That's one thing I have learned about being an empty take the time to see the birds, and enjoy them.

Have a great Wednesday folks.  Happy first day of Spring.

Nest in His peace.............................Karen

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