Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I love Craigs-list.

I just adore this cabinet, and how linens are displayed.
 Hello there! It's a gray day 
here on The Cape.  A great time to blog a sec. I will say the grass is such a gorgeous green from all the rain we have been having. 

I love craigs-list, don't you? What I really like is how shoppe owners {stage} their wares. So lovely, clever and inviting...

Closed door is neat looking and cute.  Easy cleaning too with high legs!  
Lastly, the chicken-coop wire, and the wreath....simple statements, but makes the piece.

I have found many a treasure on craigslist, for our {nest} here on Cape Cod.  I have also met some lovely folks thru CL but of course aways be careful and bring someone, a friend along. My hubby goes with me. He's a good egg like that. 

Have a great day today and may you ....
Nest in Peace,  Karen