Monday, April 29, 2013

Well he was caught in the act.

As cute as he is this lil redheaded woodpecker is.....he is eating our house up!  This lil stinker has made several good size holes in our nest.  We are not very happy, but I have to say he is an amazing creature, so beautiful.  All we can do is scare him away when he arrives to peck on our home. The noise he makes is very loud on our house as he pecks away.  As you can see there are plenty of trees for him to go to...but no it's our nest he likes to peck.  Go away you redheaded woodpecker.

Nest in Peace    Karen

The Seasons first icecream stop.

A great icecream stand that is regularly visited by hubby and me.

I love the "logo" vintage truck.  It's my landmark to go by.  One cannot drive by if they are looking for the "pink vintage truck" out front.

There is regular hard ice cream.  We come here because my hubby can eat the ice cream.  It has no eggs.  The soft's 97% fat free.  That is good for me.  Also....the portion for your four legged beast...the doggie dish is only 1.50.    Love this stand.

Nest in Peace...................Karen

Monday, April 22, 2013

Grateful for friends.

Hello there, hope you had a good Monday.  I had a friend text me last night saying "I have the day off and I'm coming to see you".  We went out for lunch.....hit our little thrift shoppes,...had a coffee but most of all just enjoyed each others company.  We were just ourselves and enjoyed the simple pleasures of conversation.  Thank you my friend for a wonderfully simple joyful day.
Nest in peace..................

Friday, April 19, 2013

Totally thankful to Boston's finest and all law enforcement involved.

Our city is safe, but we mourn for the precious lives lost from this terrible attack on Boston.  We pray for those families, and the people who were wounded....from this bomb attack last Monday.  Lives are changed forever.

May we know His peace.......Karen

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Boston Marathon that won't be forgotten.

As someone who lives in Massachusetts...I knew today was Patriots Day, I knew it was Marathon Monday.  I just decided not to watch the marathon today.  I was cleaning the house.  My friend called me and asked if I was watching the marathon.  I said no then she informed me what was unfolding.  My hubby and I turned on the TV and just could not believe what we were seeing and hearing.   How do you begin to take this all in?  Those poor people standing there, and then their whole lives are changed.  This was always a joyous day here in Boston.  Sad does not express how we are feeling, how the nation is feeling. 
Lord we pray for your Hand to touch us all.  Lord may you touch those directly this horrific act.  I just do not even know how to pray.  But I will.

Friday, April 12, 2013

My baby turned 22 yesterday.

My youngest (in the black)  with one of her besties.

Kayla at 3yrs. old, and her long time bestie, Nate the Great.

My youngest is in CA going to college.  Boy I miss her but found out recently she wants to come home for the summer....soooo excited for that.  Oh how those years go by fast.  I am enjoying my "chillins" as young adults.   I am blessed, we are blessed.

Have a wonderful Friday....have an awesome weekend.

Nest in Peace..................Karen

My two girls at together.  Can't wait till they are all together again, my kids.  They are all over,  Ca...Ma.....NC.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Apparel

Happy Wednesday to everyone.  Such warm temps yesterday and today...warm I mean 60's ...we will take it.  I went to Home Goods a week or so ago to look at front door Spring Wreaths.  Oh my goodness...they were so much money.  Really they were.  I just could not justify the cost.  I used to many moons ago when the chillins were young do all my own decorations....over the past few years got in the habit of buying some decorations....but let's face it prices have gone up all around.  Even with home decor.  I love my flea markets, collectibles shops etc but I don't always find a nice...."used" seasonal decor.

Found my own "used" for another season out my early Spring silks...and went....a gluing.
Here I go.

I will not part with this old glue gun.  I know its grody.

Front door delivery.

If you know me, you know the bird has to go on.

Finished, I love it.

Nest in His Peace........Karen