Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It is our son's birthday today.

Louie home for a visit after deployment. Our mighty Marine. A man and his "beast"

A mighty fisherman like his dad.

Very loved by his sisters.

Louie and his beautiful wife.

Lou's wedding day at a tavern by the ocean....Barkers Tavern.
Louie's little league team...with his dad as an assistant coach.

Where did the 27 years go???  We are so proud of our son...always an easy going kid....even his birth was easy...really it was.  A son touches a mothers heart....Louie blesses mine (ours) so much.  I at times mourn those years of his childhood...( all my three kids childhood) from time to time.  It's apart of life as a mother.  You are their everything....till one day you are not.  Well actually that day is always progressing as the years go by...with each mile stone reached in their growth and maturity.  I am fine, adult children are wonderful.  I now know why the good Lord has the extra blessing for later in life called...{Grandmom...Mimi....Nana.....Nona....Nonnie...Grammy...} ect.  I can not wait to become a grandmother!!  The time has not come yet...oh.... but when that day comes .....Joy, Joy, Joy

Stay safe friends on this stormy day of January 22, 2014. 
Happy Birthday Louie!!  Have a very blessed day, and year my son.


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