Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Football....the Season is over for us.

Well friends....the Patriots are done for the season...and what a season.  I totally enjoyed the Fall/Winter football season.  Many games were "nail bitters", but so worth watching.  I don't always understand the game....but each year I learn more and more.  It's a time  hubby and I can do something together....we love it.
Lost to the Bronco' did well.  Bill you are the best coach....Mr. Craft {owner of the Pat's} you are a good man.  Mr. Tom Brady...well you are Tom Brady are just so wicked awesome. 
Next year...Fall 2014 can not wait!!!!!  Take a nice vacation deserve it.  I will always be a Pat's fan.... waiting for Downton Abbey....less than an hour to go.  Have a wonderful peaceful Sunday night friends.

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