Sunday, October 18, 2009

All of us are on a Journey

Well, since my last post and this one, I've been away.  I was  in Brigeton, Maine with some precious friends who invited me up to spend some "away time".  Away from it all, a much needed time out for me.  The stresses of life were a bit much and I needed to recharge.  This was a blessing to be able to take this get away.   I enjoyed the simple life that Maine people live.  The minute I got there on a hot August evening there was no rush to get anywhere.  There was an instent lull to life.  It took some time to get used to this but I did.  Life is just slower and I think more enjoyed.  I want to remember that and enjoy life more here in my Massachusettes town of Hingham.  I had times of solace, times of prayer and meditation, a time of crying which brought forth great healing.  I actually took the time to "smell the roses" if you will but adapted it to the season.  I took the time to soak in Gods colorful painted creation of the Fall foliage.  What beauty I saw driving along Route 302 and Route 16 through the WhiteMountains again which boarder New Hampshire and Maine.  All along this drive one could see the natives  selling their seasonal wares.  There were bright orange pumpkins in fields, all sizes glorious for vegetable, and cornstalks.  Cider mills selling this sesons freshly made cider.  Some towns traveled thru were like yesteryear gone by, but I was actually seeing these towns.  I loved it.  I remember towns like this when I was a girl, simple places with a Mobil Gas Station Flying A horse on the sign in the center of town.  A general store,  a town hall and a post office.  If you blinked too long you went thru the town.

I was strengthened mind, body, and soul from this 7-8 week journey I took in Maine this late Summer early Fall.  I was so grateful to my friends who insisted on me staying with them  Bless their home Lord. I so enjoyed their dogs (Clem the shepherd, Inga, the red hound, Rudy, the black lab and Figet the Cocker mix.)  Each one of these dogs had their own personality, Clem was the clown of the pack, and has such a zest for life.  Inga, is a mighty hunter but also so gentle and she smiles,... really she smiles.  There is Rudy big and grand in his stature, a mellow beast and there is Figet, loyal, kind Figet.  They were my buds.  I enjoyed to mare horses , Chance and Jet.  I mucked their stalls and  paddock and loved it.  It was soothing actually.  I enjoyed my stay in Maine.  I am grateful for where my journey took me spiritually.  Thank you Lord, this was Your timing, Gods perfect timing.  I found "Karen" on this journey, and I am still finding out more about her.  I like her! :)