Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring-New England-New Life

Spring in New England, I will never tire of our four seasons here in the North East. Everything is in full bloom, the trees have sprung their green leaves. The flowers planted last Fall, are up and showing off their color and style. The blossoming cherry trees, dog wood trees what beauty, and color. Oh, and of course the most fantastic, breath taking Spring Blossom of all this Spring..... is my new daughter-in-law, Kristen Marie Bonitto and her most handsome husband in his dress blues our Louie on their wedding day. May 2nd was just a gorgeous day, the sun came out after several days of rain, and shined brightly on this most joyeous occasion. The bridesmaids, and groomsmen, the flower girl and the ring carriers all did their part. The pastors who performed the ceremony, shared great wisdom on marriage. The parents so proud, and the guests so excited to attend with all eyes on the bride and groom.

After the wedding the reception was held at Barkers Tavern located in Scituate, Ma right across from Scituate Harbor. Such a scenic place, a New England town with it's harbor view, to host a wedding reception. The Tavern dates back to the 1700's I believe, and the wedding pictures were taken by a running brook on the grounds. The reception was festive, food and dancing , families, and friends gathered to celebrate.

Words are hard to find to explain what goes on in a mothers heart when her child gets married. So many emotions, memories, hopes for a beautiful future. A new journey for the bride and groom begins! So does a new journey begin for "mom". Her son is grown, and gone away to live with his beautiful bride in another state serving his country in the U.S. Marine Corp. "Lord be with them always", is my hearts cry. I know they will be fine. This is part of the journey of a mom her "babies" grow and leave the next. All which is perfectly normal, its bittersweet but yet awesome and wonderful at the same time. I am happy, and blessed, and have gained a daughter-in-law who is beautiful, and so good to my son. My son, may you treat your wife like the most precious gift that she is.

May they live life well together!!!!

Oh, yes, and I want grandbabies. I can wait, but I want them. (Smile) From the blogger, aka Karen, Mom, Moma B and someday ......Nona, Grammie, Gramma, (haven't decided yet)