Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Littlest Bonitto is Home.

I am so thrilled, happy beyond words.  Our youngest came home this past weekend for the WHOLE SUMMER!!!  Normally our Kayla stays in Cali. where she is attending school but put her things in storage and came home to the Cape to work and be with her family.  This is Kayla when she was about 3yrs old with her bud Nathan.  They are still close buds.

 Here is Kay...Kayla....aka Bina...with her roommates in Cali.  These are awesome girls.  Some have come to Masssachusettes to spend time with us New first they are shocked...we are a different breed us folks from the North East....but then they settle right in.  Molly one of Kaylas buds is coming in August to be with us on Cape Cod.
Be well, Nest in Peace...................Karen

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