Monday, May 6, 2013

Last weekend's lil project.

Hello Monday ....happy May Monday to you. What's May Monday you  It's not official, just me saying it because it's the first Monday of May.  Finally here on Cape Cod we have a warm day today.  I mean you actually feel the heat from the's awesome!!!

Ok this past Saturday I had a bored moment. Of course there was plenty to cleaning, laundry etc. ect.  I just wanted to ditch that stuff for a minute.  A light-bulb went off in my head....and I went searching for a picture in a cool frame stored in my closet.   Never "loved" the pic, but really liked the frame.  I had a paper bag, I saved from "The Black Dog" store on Marthas Vineyard...saved on purpose to do this task.  I just had forgotten to do it.  It's simple so here is what I did.
Pop out the back of frame.  Have to be careful.

Take apart the paper bag, again carefully.

There he is...there are bag lines, but I don't mind them.

And the finished product.  A new pic for the nest.

The frame has a cool black and gold edging.  Love it.  Very unique.

Of course while doing my project I had some plum-spiced tea in my Black Dog mug.


Nancy said...

I love that!! That's my kind of creative. We also have a big black dog (lab) named Molly. :) She's my most loyal companion.

T said...

THAT is very cool.

Simplicity always steals my heart best.