Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friends are wonderful..

How precious is the picture.  Saw it on facebook and loved it.  Who is your precious old friend?  We have many types of friends in our lives...but there are those friends who have hung in there with you all through the years....many years....  That friend(s) knows you like a good old worn out book.  They have been with you through the good, the bad, and yes the ugly.  They are faithful, non judgemental....loving, caring....and they keep your deepest secrets deep down in their heart.  I am grateful to God for the gals He has put in my whole life.  My friends.....but there are those {besties}....or {bestie}, that just have your back no matter what.  I treasure them.  Their value in your life is priceless.  What a treasure friendship is.  I am blessed.  You are blessed with who you consider to be your dear old friend.  Isn't it nice to go thru life with a wonderful close friend?
Thankful for my friends.  One of God's wonderful gifts to us.  Treasurers.

Nest in Peace Friends............Karen