Saturday, June 29, 2013

A peak a an adorable shoppe, here in Sandwich, MA on "The Cape"

This is the name of the Shoppe.  Two gal friends started the shoppe.  They paint and re purpose furniture, and just simply create a modern twist to a vintage piece.

Love the the sea.

An adorable spindle bed painted a calming green.  Mix match light weight linens....a lovely summer bed, to retire in.

A vintage 1940 "beach bathing beauties",  How risqué...they were.  I love this pic. 

When I can....and not go crazy purchasing stuff....I will be featuring wonderful little shops here on Ole Cape Cod.....Summer time....just can't resist, the shops, cafes, and the blue berry muffins!!

Nest in Peace,    Karen

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Karen said...

Oh, I could shop in there!