Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let it snow!....Let it snow!....Let it snow!

It's snowing on the Cape!!

Hello there,friends.  Happy Sunday to you!  Here on Cape is snowing like crazy.  Not as bad as the Blizzard of last week, but we are having "white out conditions" due to the winds we are experiencing.  Many people just received their power just a few days ago from last weeks storm.  I pray power remains on for all.

I must say I enjoy sitting here with my cup of coffee....watching the snow fall.  It is is so is fresh and clean and swirly....a beautiful sight.  It's peaceful...and my mind ponders on God's word.  We are instructed to be still and know He is God.  Be still and hear the still small voice of the Lord.  He will speak to us if we quiet and listen.....He speaks to our hearts.

Enjoy your Sunday.....enjoy your family......Nest in Peace.

Let it snow!
Just some beautiful pics I found online.
An adorable vintage pic from online.

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