Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Blog Name

Hello friends.  I changed my blogs name.  Our new Nest if you will is on Cape Cod……hence “A Cape Cod Nest”  I am figuring out lots of designs for my blog so it’s a work in progress.  I am getting lots of help from my tech bestie.   She has shown much patience with me during my blog  reconstruction.   Bless her heart. 

I am hoping this won’t take too long.  New year…new ideas.  I plan on posting my “redo” Nest projects as I attempt each one.  I get so inspired by my fellow bloggers and their “redo” projects.  What a wonderful forum to share ideas and pictures… then on..our personal blogs. 

I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee, my lap800px-American_Robin_nest_and_eggstop,  settle in my cozy chair and surf for beautiful blogs to escape into, I know you do too.

Until next time:  Nest in Peace…………………..Karen

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