Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decor Style, What's Yours?

So what is your decor style for your home?  Do you know?  Do you know the names of some styles?   I was introduced to "country", with a flair of "primitive" about 27 years from a dear friend.  This was her style, and I liked it.  I was just starting to set up home, just married in (1982), and my girlfriend took me to.... yup ...the Christmas Tree Shoppe, I loved what I saw to decorate my new apartment.  I found my style, I found what I liked to see in my home, and what I felt was warm and comforting, and inviting.  Thus began a journey, because of being  newly married and children came within a year  there was a budget to consider while making a home a "home".  The Christmas Tree Shoppes allowed that also what allowed decorating as I like it was crafts.  Back in the 80's, us new mom's crafted alot.  We painted wood tole painting it became our hobby.  Also there was the wreath era and we made wonderful wreaths with beautiful bows.  Such an "80's" decor but yea we were living in the 80's.  All that stuff is gone now.  That's a good thing.

Over the years ones home decor changes (for the most part).  I've now become more "traditional" mixed with "Shabby-Chic"  Ask my frieneds, I love a bright kitchen with punches of color like reds, yellows and black (a french country look, with checks and toile prints) and then my living room is a more traditional look, with oriental rugs, gold and black tones, very warm and (Autumn like).  However, I love my bedroom light and airy, very Shabby-Chic with whites, and  cottage like furniture.  Yes my style has changed as I have been introduced to many classic designes, and I know how to get these classic looks  for  a fraction of the expensive price.

Watch my blog, styles and decor will be shown in pictures I've taken and or other fellow Shabby Chic ladies have taken.    Pictures give one ideas and expose you to what you like and don't like for your home.  I may at times post a piece of furniture which I have rescued from being thrown away  (shabby) and transform that piece to it's (chic-ness).   It may even become available for purchase. 

Home, a place of warmth and comfort.

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