Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Favorite

Hello friend, how are you this lovely Tuesday, on this beautiful day the Lord has made?  The sun is peering thru my window near the chair I am sitting in, with my cup of joe in hand.... the warmth of it is comforting, soothing to my soul.  I adore the Fall. There is nothing like the colors of the trees....here in New England.  God's paint brush.....always at work each Autumn season.  The most breath-taking views just outside our windows.  I recall when my kids were little, this sounds crazy but we would walk thru grave yards....in the Fall.  The trees are huge and beautiful.....all is quiet.  Isn't it  strange....that leaves are their most vibrant....full deep colors of orange, yellows, and reds and mixtures of them all... are really dying....and they gracefully fall to the ground....those leaves are done....they had their youth (green, soft leaves), then their "golden years" if you will.  Oh the trees spring forth new leaves again and the process starts all over for us to enjoy  yet another  Fall Show.  Thank you Lord for this beauty you created. Thank you for the seasons we experience......and for the "seasons" we experience personally......enjoy ....soak in the golden rays that shine thru the leaves...... Thank you Lord for the Fall, full of it's bounty and harvest.  Enjoy the hot bubbling apple pies.  View the frost covered pumpkins in the fields as they sparkle like diamond dust....in the early morning sun.  My kids would say...."mom look Jack the Frost came last night"......cute....but it's really {God's breath} over the earth....over His bounty to us.

Nest in peace friend.........Karen


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