Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What is your favorite part of the month of March?  I love March yes my birthday is in this month but.....I would still have very fond memories of this month.  As a child I remember living in Chichester, NH and in this month of March the snow was melting, and some of the grass would show and some of the flower buds would pop thru the earth.  I remember putting on my rubber boots the kind that had the metal hooks on them....you know what I mean :)  I would purposely splash through the puddles and mud would get everywhere.  Oh and the smell of that mud I knew warmer weather was coming.  I would see the robins grabbing their dinners from the ground, (worms).  I would even see robins eggs in their beautiful light blue color on the ground cracked in two, I knew it fell from a nest, such a wonderful find.

March is a month full of new life coming to bloom, to birth.  It's a month where we humans come alive after being in our homes all winter.  Color comes back to the earth in all its glory.  Thank you God for your amazing work!

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