Saturday, October 4, 2008

Autumn in New England

It's October in case you did not know........Autumn in New England, there's nothing like it. This is why we live in New England for days like today. The sun was perfect, those of you from here know what I mean. It was not too warm and comfortably cool. Black Dog sweat shirt weather, I like to call days like today. Just took a stroll with my teenage daughter and her two of her friends in our local cemetery. It is located just up the street. This cemetery is very beautiful actually, and well walked through by the locals. Nothing disrespectful, just tranquil. Well, the foliage is so beautiful, the trees are mostly maple. Vibrant oranges, yellows and reds......breath taking. On our walk we would call out the names on the head stones, some very interesting to pronounce. We also looking at the dates, (some dates went way back), would calculate ages of the dearly departed,and would wonder...... were these folks well known in the community? Some were teachers, pastors, owners of stores. Some stones were adorned with beautiful carvings of Jesus, or Mary. Some affectionately mentioned their "Beloved,......mother, father, son or daughter" Death really is such a part of life. After all,'s beautiful colors are actually the trees leaves "dying" and before they fall..............they go out gloriously!! Pictures to follow.


Patti Downs said...

Karen, I love your little chat corner. I see you haven't posted a blog for a while. I sure enjoyed the one I read. Made me want to go on one of those walks with you. Please continue to write it is refreshing and a blessing to read. Love, Patti

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Karen, I love your posts keep it up

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