Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Sunday, and St. Patty's Day!

Hello friends.  Happy Sunday, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Well they are talking more snow, for the beginning of this week....but I will not fret.....SPRING is almost here.  March as we know is a tricky month.  Green buds are sprouting up in neighbors yards.  Again, not sure what will bloom here nothing peeking up as of yet.  So if there are no Spring bulbs....they will go in for next year.  It's our first Spring here at our Nest.

My Sarah and I.
This is Luther, he poses for the camera...always.

Luther is fake sleeping....he knows the camera is on.  Just kiddin.
Well I had a lovely birthday celebration.  Spent the day with a dear friend....and hit some cute shoppes.  Got a few items for the home.  Spent some time with our "first born" (daughter) , we had seafood and cake for birthday dinner.   Sarah came with her 'Bo" and her four-legged "baby" Luther. I love simple family time.

Nest in Peace ............may this week be wonderful to you.    Karen


Christine at Little Brags said...

Ohhh I Love adorbale....we have a those big guys. Drool Rules

Karen said...

Thanks Christine for your comment. Luther is my fourlegged grandbaby. He is only 9months old.