Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March 1st

Happy Friday to everyone!  How was your week?   Can you believe February is gone..gone...gone.  Hopefully the snow storms are gone too.  Many of us are done with the Winter blah's and ready for Springs awakening.
We moved here to Cape Cod last I have no idea what awaits us when all the snow is gone, and blooms come up from the once frozen ground.  It will be cool and exciting to see.  This empty Nester is looking for the simple pleasures in life to find enjoyment in.  Spring is such a wonder to me of God's beautiful creations...the Robin's nest, the grass getting greener by the day.  How about tulips, and daffodils showing off their gorgeous colors.  Oh to see colors....after the greyer days of "later winter".
Hope you are getting's's just around the corner....SPRING.
Nest in Peace....have a blessed weekend!

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