Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Wicked bad Stawm.

Hello friends, we have heard howling, strong winds since last night.  Just amazing.  We are on the coast as some of you know, and instead of snow we are getting extreme winds and rain.  The actual coastal folks need prayer for their homes once again.  All up the coast from Cape Cod to past Boston.  I have heard that the storms we have experienced this winter has changed the "look" of the Eastern Sea Board. Beach erosion....sand dunes gone, and homes destroyed. We have a lovely boardwalk here in Sandwich, some of it is in ruins.  Folks have left their homes in evacuations only to come back to pieces of their home in the ocean, or their whole house broken apart or just gone.

I am sitting in my home today thankful to the Lord, I have a home, I am safe, and warm.  My family is safe and we are blessed.  Truly blessed.  This storm will pass, in all it's loudness, and fierce ocean waves.  Calmness will come once again.

Thank you Lord for your safety.



Kelly said...

I am so sorry to hear of all the devestation caused by those storms! Too bad that the pretty snow comes along with such fierce winds too. Our big storm season is approaching. It happens in the Spring with tornadoes. Very scary! Glad to hear that you are home safe and warm.

Karen said...

It's something else Kelly, some summer homes up north did fall 3 in total. Tornadoes wow. I hope they are teenie tiny ones, if any at all. :) Be well, Karen