Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Apparel

Happy Wednesday to everyone.  Such warm temps yesterday and today...warm I mean 60's ...we will take it.  I went to Home Goods a week or so ago to look at front door Spring Wreaths.  Oh my goodness...they were so much money.  Really they were.  I just could not justify the cost.  I used to many moons ago when the chillins were young do all my own decorations....over the past few years got in the habit of buying some decorations....but let's face it prices have gone up all around.  Even with home decor.  I love my flea markets, collectibles shops etc but I don't always find a nice...."used" seasonal decor.

Found my own "used" for another season out my early Spring silks...and went....a gluing.
Here I go.

I will not part with this old glue gun.  I know its grody.

Front door delivery.

If you know me, you know the bird has to go on.

Finished, I love it.

Nest in His Peace........Karen

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