Monday, April 15, 2013

A Boston Marathon that won't be forgotten.

As someone who lives in Massachusetts...I knew today was Patriots Day, I knew it was Marathon Monday.  I just decided not to watch the marathon today.  I was cleaning the house.  My friend called me and asked if I was watching the marathon.  I said no then she informed me what was unfolding.  My hubby and I turned on the TV and just could not believe what we were seeing and hearing.   How do you begin to take this all in?  Those poor people standing there, and then their whole lives are changed.  This was always a joyous day here in Boston.  Sad does not express how we are feeling, how the nation is feeling. 
Lord we pray for your Hand to touch us all.  Lord may you touch those directly this horrific act.  I just do not even know how to pray.  But I will.

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