Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday in New England-although the Pats played last night.

I saw this pillow online.  Love it...have to make it.  I love football. 

 Most of all love our New England Patriots.  YES!!!

 Love this Girl.  Her name is Stephanie.  She is a Patriots Cheerleader.  This young lady is a dear friend of our youngest.  We have known her since the 3rd grade. 
We are cheering along with this girl....she not only is a Patriots cheerleader.....Stephanie is on this season's American Idol.  Our Massachusettes girl!!!  See Stephanie this Wednesday on American Idol.  Vote for her.  So proud of proud of our New England Pats!!!!!!  Go team.


Lisa said...

That little girl is having a busy year! Good for her. My youngest loves AI. I let her know about Stephanie.:)

Karen said...

Bless your heart Lisa! Yes Stephanie is a very gifted young lady. So funny I have still the { geeky- but adorable picture} of Kayla and Stephanie on our frige. Where does the time go? Have a great Monday. Karen

Lili said...

Hi Karen! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...nice to make your acquaintance on here!

VintageChics said...

It's going to be so much fun watching someone we know on tv!