Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Monday to you!

Hello, and happy Monday to you sweet friends of {blog-land}.  I woke up this morning, and let the dog out, and the warm sun came across my face, and I could smell the fresh earth.  It's January 13th not March 13th, but outside felt like Spring.  I instantly felt a "charge" in my "low battery".  Now I know...this weather is only going to last a day or two then back to the New England Cold.  However....I soaked in this warmth....and I am going with this "re-charging" my battery today.

When the dog "the beast" was settled, and my coffee was made,   I felt compelled, to {blog-surf}...I really did.  I saw some lovely blogs...and then there was ONE.  This blog so inspired me. It was ment to be...for me to read....and I responded to this lovely lady's blog to let her know I was lifted and inspired.  I needed that and The Lord knew that.  He is so ever faithful. 

I need a my purpose and calling......don't you friend?  I am so glad when you shall find.....He will lead you, the Lord is always speaking...leading.....guiding.....graciously .  Thank you Lord.

Have a wonderful Monday, and week, my friends.

Nest in Peace.......................Karen


VintageChics said...

SPRING!!! Oh I can not wait for it! I wonder if we ever really find our "purpose" calling or maybe we do and just don't totally "get it"? Maybe it changes every now and then? Sometimes I wonder when I will zone in one "1" thing and put my all into it, or maybe thats just it, I'm not supposed to do just "1" thing? Questions, still at this age....

Karen said...

Hello Vintage Chics...(my friend), thanks for dropping by my blog...I so do believe our "purpose" can we grow...and change too. We too like the earth, have {seasons}. You will find your purpose for this season in you life. Love ya, Karen