Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week One Down.....Just a little update.

Ok week one down with joing Weight Watchers.  I can't be a spokes person for the franchise but I can say I have joined them.  Wonderful news.  I am down 3.8 lbs.  Almost 4lbs.
 My neighbor and I joined together.  We are also walking together each day for 1.5 miles...sometimes more.  My neighbor did well too 6 lbs lost. 

We are making smart choices, and tracking what we eat.  It works ladies, and gentlemen.  It's simple discipline which I lack during this season of my life....but feel directed and focused.

I truely stand on this verse.  We can do all things through Christ.  Amen.    Have a great Thursday, and know you can do what it is you need to do.....

Nest in Peace..................Karen

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