Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Craig's List Cool Stuff

I saw these pics on Craig's List.  These crate boxes were used at an out door Fall wedding.  Don't you just love the idea seen here. 

 This theme looks like something Junk Gypsy would do for a wedding setup, don't you agree?  Simple, country, yet kind of elegant.

The Craig's List seller was selling the boxes.  They also sold a wonderful idea!

Nest in Peace     Karen



Lisa said...

Love 'em!!!! We've been looking for a few of these.LOL! It's amazing the stuff you can find on Craigslist.
PS Did you see the garage sale show on HGTV the Junk Gypsies hosted? I forget the exact name but it was a new show I had not seen before. Really good and both couples made a TON of money!

Karen said...

I just saw one episode recently. Love it. Be well Lisa. Karen