Saturday, February 9, 2013

We weathered the storm that hit us here on Cape Cod…Thank you Lord!

The front of our home...I love the snow on the shutters perfectly placed by the winds.
A pic of our side colonial light during the day....
and now here during the night love the glow and the snow puffs.
Our beast Naydie...takes a peak from the front door.  She is deciding if she will dare to go out with "dad".   She does for a minute..lil big chicken dog. (grin)
Our neighbor pulling his adorable two little boys on their sled.  Good old fashion fun.
A picture of a perfectly snow covered pine.
Yes my front door is purple...something we will change when the Nest gets slowly revamped.  Look how the snow is sprayed on. We haven't seen anything like this in some time up here in the North.
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Here is my hubby shoveling the walkway.  I am inside (another big lil chicken), taking his pic thru the door.  I love how the snow on the front door is like a frame to this pic.
Of course I made my hubby some yummy sugar cookies.

These babies were warm and waiting for him when he retired from shoveling the first shift.  I appreciate all his hard work.

Blessings to you and yours....Nest in Peace....


Lisa said...

Hi Karen!
So glad you stopped by! It is nice to meet new friends in blogland.;)
Glad you weathered the storm! We had thunderstorms in dallas last night but woke to clear skies and sun.
Have a blessed Sunday. Are you watching Downton Abbey tonight?

Karen said...

Thank you Lisa for your comment and stopping by. Well I haven't watched Downton Abbey...but I have to see what the commotion is all about. So I think I will watch it for the first time this eve. :) Nest in Peace....Karen