Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A bit of flurries here today on the Cape.

Hello there.  How was your Tuesday?  I woke up to wispy flurries here on the Cape.  It was very peaceful watching those flakes fall.  I did take the time to just sit and watch them fall.  I ran outside after my cup of coffee….and tried to snap a shot but I don’t think I possess the right camera for such pictures.100_1083

Here is just a shot of our brick walkway….showing the light dusting.  Looks like a “lightly floured” walk-way. LOL100_1085

Ok so as I suspected the tiny dancing flurries did not show in this pic.  But they were there falling.


So….…who follows me everywhere…..got some snow flaks on her fur….I could not capture the amazing shapes and designs of these snow flakes….but if you look carefully you can see the “points” on a couple of them. 

I was so blessed by this simple little “time out” I took to view the snow with Naydie.  The snow flakes were just stunning…..for a moment then they melted away.

Yes… red is Naydie’s color.  She wears her red scarf very well.

Nest in Peace……………..



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Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Karen, so glad you came by to visit! Love the "lightly floured" look! We've only had a little snow here this year so far, but we can't count it out. Sometimes we end up with a foot of the white stuff in March, crazy! your black pup looks like a great buddy to have around. Hope you're having a great week!