Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog peeping.

I was blog peeping yesterday.  It was a grey Tuesday here on Cape Cod.  Very typical New England weather for October.  Blog peeping is like leaf peeping.  I was taking my time (with a cup of hot chocolate in hand) viewing all the beautiful blogs out there in "blog land"  I came across a blog site Heaven's Walk and enjoyed all her sign-age in her home.  I too have lots of sayings in my home and just recently I over-board with the signs in my home?  After seeing Heaven's Walk blog....nope I have not in any way gone too far with the written word which hangs on my walls and doors of our nest.  These signs (like the one above) share a meaningful message and yes looks rather "chic" at the same time.  I believe in blessing those who enter my home with warmth and's thoughts on above.....uplifts ones soul when reading it, even for a split does the soul & heart good  Tiny blessings.....they add up. .  I am going to go and read a couple of my signs right now...and wipe the dust off of them too. .while I am there.   I love blog-land.


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