Monday, June 14, 2010

Bird Dwellings

I have a "thing" for houses always have had a thing for houses.....hence I'm a real estate agent.  However this thing ....goes on I like bird houses.  I love looking at all kinds of bird houses.  They are whimsical dwellings.  There is something cozy about a bird house.  Many are actually used.  On a serious note I am just at the beginning stages of my bird quest.  I find them wonderful to watch and comforting to hear their chirps.  It's one of those "simple" pleasures I mentioned in my previous blog.  So, I'll be posting bird houses now and again......some I've seen, some I've painted and some I've even hand-made and painted, oh yea like I said gotta thing for these "bird dwellings".    Until next time........Karen  (I painted this one)

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