Friday, June 18, 2010

Atlantic Beach, NC Bound

Us "mother-in-laws" are on our way to N.C. to see the newly weds yes.....but to a beach house vacation as well.  This is a trip I believe God has arranged Himself for my friend and her family.  I was asked to come and join in on this trip and feel so blessed to have been asked.  We are on our way tommorow at 4:00 AM when the birds get up and sing their first songs, (of praise to God).

I have brought the camera (cause I always forget), and I know many wonderful memories will be created and captured.  My friend has gone thru a great loss.....the love of her life went to be with the Lord and she needs this time and again.....I believe the Lord has carved this time out for her.  

Here we go Lord on an adventure with You!   Blessings Karen (I hope to be blogging while I am away)

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