Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day Weekend 2010.  I am so grateful for our brave men and women who served and died for our great country...The U.S.A.  Men who in wars past could not wait to sign up to serve and fight for their country that they lied about their ages.  They had great courage, and bravery, no reserve or backing out for them...and then thousands upon  thousands died in what they believed in.  As true for your men and women today serving, fighting, dying for this great country, to protect her and to keep her freedoms, and to protect this great land from harm.  Thank you God for having your Hand on this country and our prayer is that you continue to do so.  Amen   Enjoy this weekend with family and friends and may you experience a grateful heart also.    Karen  (Picture: our son and his two proud parents at his Parris Island U.S.Marine Corp. graduation 2007)  Thank you Louie for your service and for the sacrifice you and your wife Kristen make!!!

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