Friday, April 30, 2010

The word CUTE

In this post you will see the cutest baby French Bull dog.  My son's friend and his girlfriend just got a puppy yesterday.  I asked for them to come by and see me "Mama B" that's what my sons friends call me.  My oldest was home too. Well of course this little tiny six week old pup was just adorable.  I mean how cute is he?!!  I got to thinking about the word "cute" and started to laugh.  I remember when my son was little, yes he was the cutest little thing.  As he got into high school, I'd say "Lou those sneakers are cute, or Lou, your bike is cute, or I like your new car it's really cute."  One day Louie said "Mum, you gotta stop saying my things are cute..  Guys don't have "cute" cars, I don't have on "cute" sneakers Mum".  I got a chuckle out of that because he was exactly right.  Such a mom thing of me to have done.  I think it's  really CUTE of him to have said that to me.

Well I looked up the word cute and it says this---
 attractive, or pretty in a childish way- youthful or delicate way.
So my son was correct and I'll watch my "cute" remarks when it comes to him.  One thing he doesn't understand yet a mothers heart when it comes to our adult children, we can remember them as our small children in an instant.

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