Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Blogging.

It's Monday morning, a new day, a new week in our first month of 2010!  I know with all that is going on in the world today......and due to the internet, it seems that the world is so much smaller, far away places are closer we are not so removed anymore.  Yes my heart is heavy, and I give it to God.

I have an excitement which I haven't had in awhile ( my mom being ill then passing).  Creative juices are flowing, it's a good feeling.  What's it all about or entailing?  I'm not quite sure yet.  Anyone who knows me knows I have always had a desire for homes, houses, decor but it does not stop there.  I have a great conviction that a "house" must feel like a "home".  What's the difference you ask?  It's "warmth", it's "cozyness", it's that soft snuggle throw that's on the back of the couch just drapped there for you to put over you.  It's the kitchen with chocolate chip cookies in the oven (yes you can have one once in awhile).  It's the coffee pot or tea kettle always ready to go on for company who walkes through the front or back door.  A candle burning, a fire roaring, or in warmer weather, a window opened and the air is blowing in and the curtains are dancing in and out, in a soothing motion, (right now there are 2inch snowflakes swirling around).

So...we will see together how this blog matures.  Thanks for reading.  Karen

My Blog has been slowly maturing and growing into an avenue of me sharing......a bit of my thru pictures......and now I want to share my passion for "home".

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