Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 2010

Happy New Year everyone!!  Just writting 2010 seems funny to someone who was born in the 1960's.  Yes that would be me, and you and others, I can only imagine it being even more starnge to those born before the 60's.  Either way its 2010 and it is a new year for new(ness) to happen in our lives.  You know it's a new chance to "try" again at old goals, with new energy.  It's a chance to dream a new dream and go for new goals for our lives.  Opportunites are there for us......let's go for it.  Make a positive move for your life.   I know "all things are possible with God", so I with His help am going to step forward this year, and make changes in my personal being, physically, and spiritually and mentally. Also with working on our lives let's make a commitment to be kind to our fellow brother.  I am a firm believer "kindness goes a long way".  It's exciting to approach a new year.  Be encouraged!

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