Friday, May 2, 2008's May!!!

Well , we all remember and sung the ol sing-song "April showers bring May flowers".... um.. it's really January, February, March , April, May, June, July ect.....bring May flowers. It rains now all year long. When I was little in the 60's, and 70's it did not rain in the winter. It just did not. Even this winter we had thunder and lightning, remember? Just the same New England has changed into Spring. The pinks, and purples, and yellows are so welcomed. The red and yellow tulips are so beautiful. There are the trees that bloom each year but I am so glad folks still take the time to plant bulbs months before to enjoy them now in their splendor. Home owners plant for them to (beautify their yards), but we enjoy the blooms too passing by, looking at the flowers when we should be watching the road. That's ok, we've trained ourselves to do this each year! People, enjoy this Spring! Blessings to you.....Karen