Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beginning a new Season in more ways than one!

Wow, it's been busy, weddings, graduations, this is the time of year. Only three more weeks and my youngest, will be done with her Jr. year in High School. My baby will be a Sr. this Fall. My son who is in the U.S. Marines stationed in Cherry Point, N.C. visited us this past Memorial Day weekend. It was a short visit but a good one. We are blessed our son is serving in the USA, he does have buddies who go over to the Middle East, and our hearts and prayers are with them and their families. My oldest well we are darn proud of her too going to U-MASS studying to be a dentist. (She will be a student for some time):) All this to say more reason for me to get busy with my life. What am I going to do now with my life with child rearing years done? Most women come to this cross road in their lives. Let's say I am discovering new things about myself and the old ideas and dreams are resurfacing. It's exciting. Spending time on what I like to do,( venture into antique stores, going to yard sales, picking up "junk" on the side of the road and having the ol creative juices going). Of course I'm still MOM but in a different way. I do miss the younger years of my children but I am an enjoying this new season in my life too.


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