Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Beloved Family pet is greatly missed.

This is our {beloved Naydie}  We had to put her down last April due to being an "ol girl" it was so hard to do and the pain I felt for days after was deep and severe.  It surprised how much it hurt letting her go.  Naydie was the family dog.  She was my constant when the {nest} started to empty itself.  Naydie was always there when each one of our kids left the nest.....and now she is gone.  Naydie was my girl. She is free of pain now, running, and chasing squirrels,

There is a new four legged child....of course she does not take Naydie's place.....Our lil Harper will make her own legacy with us at {a cape cod nest}.  Harper is a rescue dog like Naydie was.  She is a love, and very smart, a rascal.  We are missing our Naydia and our memories of her and the kids {when they were all young are sweet}.

Life continues on.....we are all's been a busy summer.  Weddings....graduations......and more weddings to come.    I thank the Lord for my many blessings!  Lord may your grace and mercy cover and go before those suffering this day in the Middle-East.


Lisa said...

It is so hard to lose a cherished pet. They are really members of the family and their absence leaves a huge hole in our hearts and homes.
While little Harper can't replace Naydie I'm sure he will bring much joy to your lives.
Hope you are having a great summer!

Karen said...

Lisa, you are so kind. Thank you. How are's been awhile. I pray all is well. Karen